A Word from the Chairman

A Word from the Chairman

Kanara Welfare Trust is indeed an institution with a difference. Being rooted in the rural background of the Uttar Kannada District, it has to balance the aspirations of the rural people and the modern requirements. Education is no more and it should not be any more a mere acquisition of knowledge for eking out a livelihood. It has a deeper meaning and a loftier purpose. The formal curriculum prescribed needs to be blended with methods to arouse latent potentialities in the child, and make it to release its own strength. The wholesome development of the personality of a child leading it to higher levels of understanding should be the purpose of education.

Today, India needs to be imbued with a new dynamism which calls for young men and women to shed off the shackles of small ideas, small means, small pleasures and small aims and be motivated to think and achieve higher goals in every walk of life. Education is the instrument through which alone, this purpose could be achieved. This has been the motto of Kanara Welfare Trust.

Kanara Welfare Trust has completed six decades of its existence. This institution is an expression of a creative thought which germinated in a creative mind in a state of contemplation. Though this creative mind appears to be always in a flux and agitation influenced by the apparent short comings and deficiencies in the external system, in its deeper recesses there does lie a lofty ideal, and a thought focused at on the possibility of overcoming deficiencies and shortcomings experienced by the superficial mind. Dr. Dinkar Desai’s life is an example to show how creativity within can find its expression to meet the challenges of a given time. The trust which has its humble beginning has today grown into a magnificent institution cherishing its own ideals and principles, and, in the process, of providing the life sustaining strength to thousands of young boys and girls in the form of formal education. This is the contribution of late Dr. Dinkar Desai to nation – building in its correct perspective.

This website would provide an insight into the working of the institution which is transparent and appropriately oriented.

I take this opportunity to thank all the members of the staff who are participants in our endeavour, through whom alone we can and we could translate the ideals set by the Founders and cherished by us.

Shri S. P. Kamat
Chairman, Kanara Welfare Trust